How To Install Kaspersky Internet Security On Your Device?

kaspersky internet security

How To Install Kaspersky Internet Security On Your Device?

Kaspersky Internet Security is a holistic, cross-platform security solution that offers laser-sharp protection. It is packed with cutting-edge, user-friendly features that ensure an unbeatable experience. For this, you must purchase this innovative software suite by doing Kaspersky login from its official website. Thereafter, install the same successfully. 

Kaspersky Internet Security Installation

It is essential to Install the purchased Kaspersky Internet Security properly in order to ensure the unrelenting protection of your Devices. For this, you must procure the following prerequisites.

  • To begin with, your Computer must fulfill the specified System Requirements.
  • In addition to that, get access to a high-speed, stable Internet Connection.
  • Along with that, make sure that your System is free from any previously installed Antivirus Software.
  • Moreover, close all the Applications and Browsers running on your Computer. 

➢ Installation For Windows

  1. Once you have downloaded the Setup File from “”, it is automatically saved at your System’s Default Download Location. In other words, at the “Downloads” Folder.
  2. As such, locate the downloaded Setup File. Then, open the same by double-clicking on it.
  3. Now, click “Run” to validate your System.
  4. The following window showcases the terms of “End-user License Agreement”. Therefore, go through the terms carefully. 
  5. Next, you must select its respective checkbox and display your consent.
  6. When prompted, click “Agree”.
  7. Thereafter, the next window provides the “Kaspersky Network Security Statement”. As such, review the details. Then, click on the corresponding checkbox if you want to enrol for the Kaspersky Security Network.
  8. In addition to that, this window displays the “Statement Regarding Data Processing” link. Now, click on this link. Then, properly review the details.
  9. After that, click on “Accept”.
  10. Finally, click on the “Install” tab.
  11. As a result, the installation process will begin. 
  12. Click “Yes” when the following pop-up box seeks your approval.
  13. The following window displays a list of some incompatible software detected by the Installer. As such, click “Remove” to get rid of such software.
  14. Thereafter, click “Continue”.
  15. After that, wait for the completion of this process.
  16. In case it prompts for Kaspersky Internet Security’s Settings. Then, make appropriate selections. Thereafter, click “Apply”.
  17. When the Installation process finishes, click on “Finish”.
  18. At last, Restart your System.

➢ Installation For Mac

  1. Locate the downloaded Setup File. You may find it at your System’s default Download Location i.e the Downloads Folder.
  2. Open the same by double-clicking on it.
  3. This will bring up the “Installation Wizard”.
  4. Now, click on the “Install Kaspersky” tab.
  5. The next window displays the link for “Kaspersky Security Network Statement”. As such, go to the bottom. Then, click on “Kaspersky Security Network”.
  6. Now, read the details properly. Thereafter, click on the “I Agree” checkbox. 
  7. In addition to that, click on the “End-user license agreement” link. Then, attentively read its terms.
  8. Finally, click on “Download and Install”.
  9. When prompted, provide your Mac Administrator Login Credentials correctly. Then, click “OK”.
  10. This initiates the installation process. Hence, wait for its completion.
  11. Thereafter, click “Done”.
  12. At last, Restart your Mac Device.

➢ Installation For Android

  1. Launch “Google Play Store”. 
  2. Then, search “Kaspersky Internet Security”.
  3. Open the same from the search results.
  4. Now, tap on “Install”.
  5. As such, the Installation process will begin.
  6. Therefore, wait for the same.
  7. As a result, your Android Device will display a Kaspersky icon.
  8. Now, open the application.
  9. The next window seeks your approval to access the Files of your Device. As such, tap on “Next”.
  10. Then, tap “Allow”.
  11. Thereafter, go through its “Terms and Conditions” attentively. Now, tick  mark the respective checkboxes.
  12. Then, tap on “Confirm”.
  13. Finally, choose to activate the purchased product or purchase the product. Then, complete the Kaspersky Internet Security Setup. For this, follow on-screen instructions.
  14. At last, Restart your Device.  

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